"It's already broken."

I listened to Cathy Heller interview author Geneen Roth, and got stuck on those words.

“It’s already broken.” Geneen was talking about how we are so fearful to lose what we have that *we do not let ourselves have what we have.* She brought up a moment in her twenties, as her Buddhist teacher held up a beautiful, fully intact teacup, and he said, “It’s already broken.” At some point, the teacup will be lost, stolen, or broken. Why not drink from it every day then, rather than keep it shut up in a cupboard? As humans, we run away from loss and live in fear of it. We hide when we could shine. We push loved ones away when we could hold them close.

Model: The superb Rosemary Fossee

You should know that the flowers in this photo bloomed spectacularly for about a week, and then they fell away. Had they been encumbered by human thought, they might have said, “Why bother? For so short a time, why bloom at all? The other flowers look so lovely, I won’t be missed.” How tragic that would have been, to lose an entire week of incredible beauty.

What if we stopped being so self-conscious, turned ourselves inside out like a flower, just to make an offering to the world instead? I know I will dry out and fall from the tree, but I’m going to bloom anyway. To say, the cup is already broken. I will delight in it anyway. To shake ourselves awake and love and love and love everything and everyone around us. What might we do differently then? How might we live differently?