Photography for Creatives

Let's make magic together.

Releasing a single? Promoting your small business? I want to showcase you and your passion (whether that’s cupcakes or copywriting!) in all its unique glory. My style and technique lead to photos that get to the root of your personality, your craft, and your vision. Let me help you show the world what makes you special.

Not sure yet what your desired visual “message” is? No problem! I scout locations. I build sets. I ask questions and tease out what it is you want to convey. I consider photographing others a collaborative process. We’ll figure it out together.


I went to school for writing. Courses on creative nonfiction and poetry were my favorite because I love to notice and exaggerate little details. I love to find the truth in new and beautiful ways.

My camera was always beside me. Some things shocked me into life visually, and I photographed them. Some things lit me up in my heart, and I wrote about them. Now I want to help you tell your story, and I want to use my words and my photos to do it.

A Little About Me

I'm a wife and mother, writer and photographer, reader, sketcher, and jigsaw puzzler. I grew up in New Jersey, spent a few fun years in New York City, then settled down in Nashville, Tennessee, where I now live with my family. When I'm not photographing clients, I am roaming foggy fields at sunrise, shooting conceptual self-portraits, and playing in Photoshop.

My written work has been published in 3Elements Review, Barren Magazine, and MER VOX. My personal photography has been published in Humana Obscura, and my client work has appeared in many places across the Web, including DittyTV, Mundane Magazine, The Music Mermaid, and The Ties That Bind Us.